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    Wearing High Heels Is Good For You

    Wearing high heels is good for you?!
    Sarah Jessica Parker and I have something in common, a passion for shoes…especially high heels! The sexier and spikier the better. We all know that wearing high heels helps accentuate your legs making them look longer and leaner. When you wear high heels your body shape responds by arching the back. This helps make your waist look smaller and gives you a bootie popping posture.

    Well, guess what? Here’s something you might not have known. Research shows that wearing heels may actually be good for you! High five to Sarah Jessica Parker!
    Researchers at Warwick and Oxford Brookes universities discovered that wearing high heels may make women less likely to develop arthritic changes in their knee joints as they age. At the least, they were no worse off than those who opted for lower heeled shoes.

    The study comprised 111 women between the ages of 50 to 70 and it’s thought that by exercising the muscles of the leg, heel-wearers may build up better support for their knees. Especially if they regularly hit the dance floor. Guess that means we need to hit the dance floor more often as well! Perfect for a FBB exercise and fun at the same time!!! whoop whoop!
    Professor Margaret Thorogood, from Warwick University, says, “Women who wear stiletto heels will be reassured to learn that their choice of fashion-before-comfort footwear will not lead to joint problems and may even prevent them.”

    Wearing high heels can even help with your sex life!!!
    A separate study suggests heels can also do wonders for a woman’s sex life. According to Italian urologist Dr Maria Cerruto wearing a pair of “moderately high-heeled shoes” had the beneficial effects of toning legs and strengthening pelvic muscles. “They directly work the muscles which are linked to an orgasm,” she says.
    Better orgasms here we come!! No pun intended.

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