• Three Strange Health Tips

    GERMS ARE NOT FOR SHARINGThree strange health tips you may not have thought of. Part of being a Fit Body Babe is staying healthy and cleanliness is a big part of that! Here are a couple of interesting facts about germs.

    Strange health tip number one and why:

    Wash Your Hands After Getting Cash
    Cleanliness tests have revealed that cash machines or ATMs carry the same germs and are as dirty as public toilets, icky! When scientists took swabs from urban ATMs around the US, they found the machines were heavily contaminated with bacteria, including those known to cause sickness and diarrhea.
    Dr Mark Fielder, a medical microbiologist says, “If people don’t wash their hands properly, all sorts of organisms will be transferred to the buttons on an ATM. Just as it’s important to wash your hands after using the toilet, it would be sensible to clean them after getting money out.”

    Strange health tip number two:

    Use Soap, Not Hand Wash
    Scientists have warned that expensive antibacterial washes  and sanitizers are no better at cleaning hands than ordinary soap and they may even encourage super-bugs.
    American research published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found that triclosan, the main active ingredient in many antibacterial soaps, can cause some bacteria to become resistant to commonly used antibiotics such as amoxicillin. That’s because triclosan targets bacteria in much the same way as antibiotics do, by destroying crucial components of their cells. Bacteria are highly adaptable and common ones such as E.coli and salmonella – major culprits in food poisoning – may develop some resistance to the threat.
    Dr Anthony Hilton, a microbiologist from Aston University in the UK, says, “These products pander to people’s insecurities and they are often used inappropriately – for example, either too briefly or with cold water. You should wash hands thoroughly for several minutes in warm, clean water. The action of washing and the temperature remove bacteria more effectively than a fancy [antibacterial] product.”

    Strange health tip number three:

    Flush With the Lid Down

    Dr Charles Gerba, a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, warns that you should always flush the toilet with the seat lid down. When the seat lid is not down, polluted water particles float for a few hours around your bathroom before they all land, some even on your toothbrush. Gross!!!
    Dr Gerba says: “It doesn’t happen all the time, but E.coli and other faecal-based bacteria really can make you ill, so unless you want to brush your teeth with what was in the toilet, close the lid.”

    If you aren’t already OCD this might make you become so LOL. Germs, germs everywhere!

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